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Artist Donna J. Bauman

"As an artist, musician and poet, my life has been all about being a seeker, asking questions, exploring, creating.  As a woman, the invitation to me is to be as much of the feminine spirit as possible so that I have the inspiration to create all the different aspects of woman-ness in my creations.  I am here to bring the inspiration into form, and to put the form out in the world so that these women can speak, inspire and touch others and enter into their lives in an inspiring and transforming way.

The women here will speak for themselves.  My job has simply been to create them, make them available through this website, and in doing so put the feminine spirit out for you to experience.  My intention is that the women will be the transformational spark for you the visitor to connect with them.  The women themselves will speak the individual message to those who see them.  They will work their own magic, touching each person in their own way.

The completion of the true creative process is the sharing of it with humanity.  My Website offers an inclusive invitation to women and men alike, since we all possess and express both female and male energies.  As you visit this site, I will have accomplished this goal.  Thank you for visiting."

Donna J. Bauman


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